"Collect. Sift Haul. Clean. Dry. Perfection.  I am so happy with my bag! It is the best!!!" ~ Kirsti Scott, USA.

"The Yoake beachcombing bag is just fun to use. It's a perfect size for beach finds, the interior pocket is great for your keys or special treasures, and the best part is being able to wash all your finds while they're still in the bag! Even its own storage bag comes in handy during beachcombing if you get lucky and find a marble or two!" ~ Mary McCarthy, USA.

"I can't imagine ever bringing another bag to the beach to carry my seaglass in! It is light weight, sturdy, and I trust it to keep every piece safe! #getinmyyoakebag " ~ Valerie, Newfoundland, Canada.

"Perfect , eco friendly, waterproof, holds beach found treasures and valuable and the sand even slips through the mesh!" ~ Amanda, Australia.

"Beautiful  evening hunting and filling my new sea glass bag...didn't have an issue with tinies and sandy pieces...It was actually faster because I could just drop it all securely in my bag and gently shake the sand off as the pieces dried...perfect." ~ Suzy, Australia.

"So glad I keep a Yoake beachcombing bag in my car! I usually save it for shells and bits n pieces. Today it carried everything. Driftwood, shells, sea glass, beach trash."  ~ Michele, New Zealand.

"Absolutely love my Yoake Beachcombing Bag all the way from Japan.  I can't wait to use it instead of bunging my finds in pockets and carrier bags and bringing lots of sand along for the ride!" ~ Laura, U.K.


"Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most brilliant. The Beach Ruler is the tool I didn't know I needed and now know I won't be able to live without! Such an easy, straightforward way to size and sort sea glass, and show customers an accurate, understandable size reference. Plus it's just so beautiful." ~Low Tide Landing, USA.

"Using the fabulous beach ruler, I now know I have a large piece of lilac sea glass. Best ever invention. I'm in love." ~ Theresa Matthews Designs, Australia.

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